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You have no doubt learned of the passing of Annette – only the first name is necessary – the 1950s /early 60s icon, who personified the era as much as anyone.  She gave a lot of good times to those lucky to have grown up in the day – the movies, the music, the memories – yet suffered  the past twenty-plus years with MS.  In fact, we posted a little tribute just weeks ago(below) , after learning about her and her husband’s efforts to gain more funding for not only her plight but Multiple Schlerosis sufferers, in general… Will follow up with some more classic videos and fun memories that will come alive again for many of you, we’re sure. More @

-pictured above Annette in 1990 (left) and  recent-


 Title track from ‘Monkey’s Uncle’ (1965) with Annette backed by Beach Boys! 




  from late March post:

  It was with great pleasure to finally catch up with Annette and her husband ,Glen Holt, who has stood by her for 30 years; they go public with their current life and continuing effort to find a cure for MS  via their  website,  Annette no longer can walk or even speak, though she still gets out and one can maybe  even see a twinkle in her eye.  It may be hard for some to watch this video though we find it an inspiration. There are also nice tributes from Shelley Fabares and others.   In this four part video series from CTV, we see Annette in her early years and today and  the efforts Glen and doctors have gone to in helping Annette deal with MS, including a new treatment that  is showing promise.  Glen is using Annette’s old foundation to continue researching help for annette and others with MS. He is hoping that, though Annette’s fans, he can raise money to still find a cure.  


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Annette had a run of 5 Top 20 hits  in the two year period, 1959-1960,  and then became quite a movie star, with at least six fun ‘beach’ movies between 1963-1965 with some more great music and followed up with a popular ‘reunion’ movie, ‘Back To The Beach’ with favorite Frankie Avalon and the gang, in 1987, shortly before being diagnosed with MS…




Congrats to Annette’s second husband, Glen .  for ‘lifting the curtain’ of MS, so as to   help others and being such a great inspiration to Annette, who has always been a great inspiration to so many of us form her days on the Mickey Mouse Club to her positive, fun movies ,music and lifestyle.



  So, again, we applaud Annette, Glen and their team. May we continue to hear inspirational news and  stories from them for many years to come  as we make contributions to the MS cause. Please  help spread your good cheer via their website, above and your own connections as we will do through and 



  I saw Annette with Frankie Avalon  about 20 years ago at Pleasanton, CA –  Alameda county fair,  just before she stopped performing. It was a great show and we would have hardly  known she was already dealing with early stage Multiple Sclerosis  We think it is great that Annette has  came out with her updated story with video now, with the help and encouragement of Glen.   We think it’s a beautful story. I’ve just spent the last three years with my 97 year old Dad , who just passed , but only after , again, three good last years, with kind people’s help and good cheer around him. People can still have quality of life, though sometimes it’s a challenge,even in these situations.



Rare, Indepth interview -ATTITUDES with Virginia Graham from late 80s- Annette reflects on the changing times and how she still lives up to her ‘clean, happy days’ image, which she relishes… 





Join us for more in Oldies Country


full history









Maybe the best for last… Trailer for ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ 1965 featuring no less co-stars than Don Rickles, Paul Lynde and Buster Keaton, among other star names!!! 



From a fan… “She was beautiful, good-natured, humble and kind to everyone around her. And she did it all – TV, movies and music, one of the biggest stars in the world in her time. Then walked away from all of it to raise a family. A role model for everyone who works in this industry. Her suffering was cruel and undeserved, but she handled it courageously. Now she can RIP.”

Annette’s Music and Videos LIVE ON — Get Yours Here…. 





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